Sen. Estrada Denies Offer to Replace Zubiri as Senate President

Sen.Jose ‘Jinggoy’ Estrada. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
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In a recent development, Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada has vehemently denied his involvement in an alleged plot to remove Senate President Juan “Migz” Zubiri from his position. Addressing the rumors that have been circulating, Senator Estrada firmly stated that there is no truth to these speculations.

When asked about the rumors suggesting that some senators are trying to convince him to replace Zubiri, Senator Estrada dismissed them, saying, “It’s nothing. No truth to it. No, there’s no truth to it. To quell all speculations, there’s no truth to it.” This clear denial from Senator Estrada aims to put an end to any further speculation or misinformation.

Moreover, Senator Estrada emphasized his support for Zubiri’s leadership by expressing his readiness to sign the resolution of support that was passed on to some senators for signature. However, he clarified that he had not received the document, stating, “Of course, of course. But I haven’t received any copy yet, so how can I sign if they don’t want to let me sign?”

While rumors about Senator Estrada replacing Zubiri have been circulating since late last year, the senator himself expressed his confusion regarding their origin. He made it clear that he is unaware of where these rumors came from, further dispelling any notion of his involvement in any plot against Zubiri.

Addressing the possibility of being stripped of his chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Defense and Security, Senator Estrada stated that if such a move were to be presented on the Senate floor, he would request an explanation as to why he should be replaced. This demonstrates his commitment to understanding the reasons behind any potential changes in his position within the Senate.

Reports have suggested that Senator Estrada was being considered as a replacement for Zubiri due to his close relationship with Speaker Martin Romualdez, who is currently at odds with the Senate President over the People’s Initiative (PI) issue. However, it is important to note that Senator Estrada has denied any involvement in such discussions or plans.

It is crucial to approach these developments with caution and rely on verified information. As with any political landscape, rumors and speculations can easily spread. Senator Estrada’s clear denial and commitment to supporting Zubiri’s leadership serve as a testament to his dedication to his current role and dispel any doubts about his intentions.

In conclusion, Senator Jinggoy Estrada has firmly denied his involvement in any alleged plot to oust Senate President Zubiri. His statements, coupled with his readiness to support Zubiri’s leadership, highlight his commitment to his current position. It is important to rely on verified information and avoid spreading rumors or speculations in the political arena.

Source: The Manila Times

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