Senate President and 11 Senators Maintain Perfect Attendance

NEVER ABSENT Senate President Juan Miguel ‘Migz’ Zubiri.
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Since the start of regular sessions on July 24, 2023, Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri, Senate President Pro Tempore Lorna Regina “Loren” Legarda, Senate Majority Leader Emmanuel Joel Villanueva, and nine other senators have demonstrated a commendable record of perfect attendance. This dedicated group includes Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Sherwin Gatchalian, Christopher “Bong” Go, Ana Theresia “Risa” Hontiveros, Robinhood Padilla, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., Rafael “Raffy” Tulfo, and Cynthia Villar.

Reflecting on the Senate’s commitment to their work, Zubiri remarked, “In the Senate, every day is a ‘buckling-down-to-work’ kind of day.” He emphasized the importance of true leadership by showing up for the people’s important work. “Here in the Senate, we take that to heart,” he added.

Zubiri, who has consistently demonstrated perfect attendance since he was elected as a representative in 1998, highlighted the significance of being fully devoted to the work and the people. “A large part of that means showing up and engaging in the day-to-day grind of legislation,” he explained.

The camaraderie among senators in the Senate is commendable, with many of them consistently showing their commitment to their duty by being present during most session days. Public service, according to Zubiri, is a reward in itself, and they approach their work knowing that their presence and voices represent the interests of the people.

As Zubiri expressed his dedication to honoring this commitment, he also expressed his gratitude and admiration for his colleagues who share the same level of commitment. “So as far as humanly possible, I will continue honoring this commitment, and I thank and salute my colleagues for doing the same,” he concluded.

The perfect attendance record of Senate President Zubiri, Senate President Pro Tempore Legarda, Senate Majority Leader Villanueva, and the other senators is a testament to their dedication and sense of responsibility towards their constituents. It showcases their commitment to fulfilling their duties as public servants and their willingness to prioritize the work that needs to be done.

By consistently showing up and actively participating in legislative activities, these senators are setting an example for their peers and the international community. Their dedication to their work ensures that the voices and interests of the people they represent are heard and considered in the decision-making process.

As the Senate continues its important work, the perfect attendance of these senators serves as a reminder of the significance of their roles and the impact they can make through their commitment and active participation. It is a reflection of their dedication to serving the people and striving for a better future for all.

Source: The Manila Times

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