Senator Bong Go Pays Tribute to Health Workers

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Senator Bong Go Pays Tribute to Health Workers

Senator Bong Go recently expressed his heartfelt gratitude to health workers, acknowledging them as the “contemporary heroes” of our time. On May 7, which is recognized as Health Workers’ Day, Senator Go emphasized the importance of supporting these crucial community members, both during the ongoing pandemic and in their daily challenges.

The Tireless Service of Health Workers

Senator Go recognized the tireless service of health workers and highlighted their pivotal role in the fight against the pandemic. He reiterated his advocacy to strengthen support for medical frontliners, emphasizing the need for them to receive adequate benefits and protection.

Advocacy for Health Workers

Senator Go has been actively urging the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to swiftly release the Health Emergency Allowance (HEA) for health workers. He believes that their sacrifices and hard work should be duly recognized and rewarded.

Senator Go played a significant role in the passage of several laws that have benefited health workers. One of these is Republic Act (RA) 11466, also known as Salary Standardization 5, which provided salary increases for government workers. Another important legislation is RA 11712, which grants continuing benefits and allowances to public and private healthcare workers during public health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to these accomplishments, Senator Go filed Senate Bill (SB) 2504, which aims to build upon the provisions of Salary Standardization 5 and further increase the salaries of civilian personnel in the government. This demonstrates his unwavering commitment to champion the cause of health workers and improve their working conditions.

Recognizing the Daily Contributions of Health Workers

Senator Go reassured health workers of his continuous support and recognition of their daily contributions to society. He emphasized that their dedication and hard work should not only be valued on Health Workers’ Day but every day. He acknowledged that health workers have been waiting to receive their due compensation since 2021 for services already rendered, and he is determined to address this issue.

Senator Bong Go’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of health workers is evident through his advocacy, legislative efforts, and continuous support. By recognizing their sacrifices and championing their cause, Senator Go aims to ensure that health workers receive the benefits and protection they deserve.

Source: The Manila Times

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