Senator Go Advocates for P100 Increase in Minimum Wage

SEN. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
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In the wake of the economic setbacks caused by the pandemic and the rising cost of living, Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has emphasized the critical need to uplift the living standards of ordinary Filipino workers. He believes that ensuring fair wages, benefits, and equal opportunities for all Filipinos is the government’s duty.

The pandemic has led to widespread job loss and the closure of businesses, severely affecting the livelihoods of many people. Adding to the challenges faced by the Filipino workforce is the continuing rise in the price of commodities in the market, which burdens the poor. Sen. Go recognizes the urgency of addressing poverty and economic disparity in the country, as a survey conducted by the SWS revealed that around 13.2 million families consider themselves poor.

To address these issues, Sen. Go is one of the co-authors of Senate Bill (SB) 2534, also known as the “Act increasing the daily minimum wage of private sector employees by P100.” The proposed measure aims to raise the daily minimum wage by P100, ensuring that the economic recovery is inclusive and benefits all sectors of society, particularly the working class.

While regional wage boards have already increased daily wage rates by varying amounts in different regions, including Northern Mindanao, Zamboanga Peninsula, and Central Luzon, the proposed adjustment in SB 2534 seeks to provide a balanced and sustainable solution to wage disparities. By reducing the initially proposed wage hike from P150 to P100, the bill takes into account these previous adjustments.

Sen. Go highlights the alignment of the bill with the constitutional mandate to improve the quality of life for ordinary Filipinos, especially the working class. He emphasizes that the measure serves as a response to the mandate of the Constitution to alleviate the living conditions of ordinary Filipinos by ensuring their right to a living wage and promoting social justice.

The senator clarifies that the proposed wage increase is not meant to burden employers but rather to strike a balance in achieving social justice. He appeals to the wealthier sectors to make a concerted effort to share their profits with those in need. Sen. Go believes in the importance of solidarity and support for the less fortunate as the nation charges forward on the path to recovery.

In conclusion, Sen. Bong Go’s advocacy for a higher minimum wage reflects his commitment to improving the living standards of ordinary Filipino workers. He recognizes the challenges faced by those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic and are now struggling with inflation and low wages. Through Senate Bill 2534, Sen. Go aims to ensure that the economic recovery is inclusive and benefits all sectors of society, particularly the working class. By promoting fair wages, benefits, and equal opportunities, Sen. Go emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the welfare of the impoverished and ensuring that no Filipino is left behind in the nation’s journey towards a safer and more comfortable life after the pandemic.

Source: The Manila Times

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