Senator Padilla Apologizes for Wife’s Controversial IV Drip Photo

Sen. Robinhood 'Robin' Padilla. Senate PRIB
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Sen. Robinhood Padilla has issued apologies to his fellow senators after a photo posted by his wife, actress Mariel Padilla, caused a stir on social media. The photo, which showed Mariel receiving an intravenous infusion of what she claimed was Vitamin C, received widespread criticism and has since been taken down. Mariel also apologized for posting the photo.

In separate letters addressed to Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri and Sen. Maria Lourdes Nancy Binay, Padilla expressed his sincere apologies for any concerns caused to the Senate leadership, their colleagues, and the institution as a whole. He emphasized that he and his wife had no intention of dishonoring the Senate or violating any of its rules.

Padilla specifically addressed Sen. Binay’s concerns regarding the use of Senate facilities to promote the IV treatment. He assured her that they would adhere to the rules set by the Upper Chamber. Padilla also sent letters, written in Filipino, to Dr. Renato DG Sison, director of the Senate’s Medical and Dental Bureau, and retired Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan, the Senate sergeant-at-arms, to provide further explanation.

In his letter to Ancan, Padilla made it clear that he would never consider violating the Senate’s security protocols or disrespecting the institution. He also emphasized in his letter to Sison that his wife had no intention of disregarding the rules and regulations of the Senate Medical Bureau. Padilla reassured both Ancan and Sison that such an incident would not happen again.

Mariel Padilla, using her screen name Mariel Rodriguez, also issued a public apology on her Instagram account. She clarified that the drip she received was Vitamin C and not glutathione, a skin-whitening substance. Mariel explained that she was at the Senate to support her husband’s bill and wanted to be present despite her busy schedule as a wife, mother, and online seller. She emphasized that her intention was never to malign or undermine the integrity and dignity of the Senate. Mariel extended her sincerest apologies to all those concerned, including the members and staff of the Senate and the public.

It is important to note that the incident and subsequent apologies from Sen. Padilla and his wife highlight the need for transparency and adherence to rules and regulations within the Senate. The incident serves as a reminder that public figures, even in their personal lives, must be mindful of their actions and how they may reflect on the institutions they are associated with.

In conclusion, Sen. Robinhood Padilla has expressed his apologies to his fellow senators for the controversy caused by his wife’s photo. He emphasized that they had no intention of disrespecting the Senate or its rules and regulations. Mariel Padilla also extended her apologies to the public and clarified the nature of the IV treatment she received. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and upholding the integrity of public institutions.

Source: The Manila Times

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