Senators Caution Against Rushing Decision on Charter Change

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The House of Representatives’ push for senators to take a stance on Charter change has been met with caution by Senate Minority Leader Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara. Both senators emphasized the need for a thorough and thoughtful process before making any decisions on this significant constitutional matter.

Senator Angara, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, highlighted the importance of allowing senators to present their positions after the initial public hearings. He questioned how the senators could be expected to make a firm stand when the process had just begun.

The House Majority Leader, Mannix Dalipe, had called on the senators to take a stance on Charter change. However, Senator Angara stressed that crafting laws requires careful consideration, which includes listening to various perspectives, engaging in debates, and conducting votes on proposed measures. Rushing into a decision on amending the Constitution would not be in the best interest of the senators or the country.

Senator Angara further expressed his hope that the House of Representatives would also adopt a similar approach, reflecting and listening before making any hasty decisions. This sentiment echoes the need for a comprehensive and inclusive process that takes into account the opinions and concerns of all stakeholders.

Senate Minority Leader Pimentel emphasized that when the appropriate time comes, the Senate’s vote on Charter change will be conducted through a roll call or nominal voting, ensuring that each senator’s stand is revealed. He emphasized the importance of keeping an open mind during the current stage of listening to experts and other resource persons. Pimentel questioned the purpose of these consultations if senators had already made up their minds prematurely.

The cautious approach taken by Senators Pimentel and Angara highlights the significance of deliberation in the process of Charter change. Amending the Constitution is a weighty decision that requires careful consideration and thorough analysis of its potential implications. Rushing through this process without allowing for comprehensive discussions and debates would be a disservice to the nation and its people.

In the context of international audiences, it is important to note that Charter change refers to the process of amending the Constitution in the Philippines. The Constitution serves as the fundamental law of the country, outlining its political structure, rights, and responsibilities of its citizens, and other essential provisions. Any proposed changes to the Constitution are of great importance and must be approached with caution and thoroughness.

The senators’ call for a thoughtful and deliberative process aligns with the principles of democracy and the need for inclusive decision-making. It is crucial to consider the perspectives and opinions of various stakeholders, including experts and the general public, before making any significant changes to the Constitution. This approach ensures that the voices of the people are heard and that the resulting amendments truly reflect the will and aspirations of the nation.

In conclusion, the Senate leaders’ cautionary stance on rushing into a decision on Charter change emphasizes the importance of a thorough and inclusive process. Amending the Constitution is a critical undertaking that requires careful consideration and extensive deliberation. By allowing for comprehensive discussions and debates, the senators aim to ensure that any changes made to the Constitution truly serve the best interests of the Filipino people.

Source: The Manila Times

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