Shake-up in Partido Federal ng Pilipinas Led by Marcos’ Son

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MANILA, Philippines: The Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) has recently undergone a significant leadership change, with the appointment of a new set of officers. Led by Ferdinand Alexander Marcos, son of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Ilocos Norte Rep., the party aims to rekindle its status as a vibrant political party.

In a document obtained by The Manila Times, Antonio “TJ” Rodriguez Jr., the PFP’s new national secretary general, informed the party’s regional, provincial, city, and chapter officials about a directorate meeting held on December 14. This meeting was followed by a national assembly meeting, which elected a new set of officers in accordance with the party’s constitution and by-laws.

The President, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., continues to serve as the party’s national chairman. His son, Ferdinand Alexander Marcos, has been elected as the national vice chairman, while Leandro Verceles Jr., former Catanduanes governor, assumes the role of the new national president, replacing South Cotabato Gov. Reynaldo Tamayo Jr.

Antonio Lagdameo Jr., Special Assistant to the President, has been elected as the national vice president, and Antonio Marfori takes on the role of national treasurer. Other officers elected by the party include Rudyard Avila 3rd as general counsel, Julius Caesar Aguiluz as senior political adviser, Manuel Andal as vice president for political affairs, Assam Ulangkaya as national auditor and vice president for Mindanao, Gabriel Sotto as vice president for Luzon, Lorenzo Sagucio Jr. as vice president for Visayas, and Saida Pukunum as chairman for international affairs.

The changes in leadership were prompted by a “resounding no-confidence vote” from the party directorate, resulting in the removal of Tamayo, Thompson Lantion (previous PFP secretary general), and party counsel George Briones. Rodriguez added that the three have also been dropped from the roll as general members.

In response, Tamayo denied being ousted as PFP’s national president, stating that only a few members who were allied with former executive secretary Victor Rodriguez were removed due to inactivity. He claimed that their removal was authorized by a resolution they themselves signed in June 2022, which empowered him to reorganize the party and make it the Dominant Majority Party in the country, as desired by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., who remains the Chairman of the Party.

However, the new officers assert that Tamayo’s authority to reorganize, as per the June 2022 resolution, does not exist. Even if it does, they argue that it cannot override the two-year term limit and abolish positions that are inconsistent with the party’s constitution. The directorate emphasized that any inconsistency would be considered an amendment to the party constitution, which, if not followed through the proper process, would be void.

In a subsequent statement, Verceles urged Tamayo to refrain from making further statements, as he had lost his membership through the no-confidence vote.

With the appointment of new officers, the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas aims to revitalize itself as a vibrant political party. The changes in leadership reflect the party’s commitment to upholding its constitution and by-laws, ensuring that decisions are made through a proper and democratic process.

As the party moves forward, it will be interesting to observe how these changes shape its future trajectory and influence the political landscape in the Philippines.

Source: The Manila Times

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