Soldiers and Police Collaborate to Ensure Public Safety during Holy Week

ON THEIR TOES Members of the Manila Police District and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority guard a bus terminal in Sampaloc, Manila, on Monday, April 10, 2023, in anticipation of the influx of passengers coming back from their Holy Week break.  PHOTO BY MIKE ALQUINTO
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To ensure the safety of individuals during Holy Week

The Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police have joined forces in a collaborative effort. As the number of people traveling to various provinces increases during this religious holiday, it becomes imperative to implement enhanced security measures to protect both Filipinos and tourists.

Collaboration between the army and police forces

The collaboration between the army and police forces will be particularly evident in critical areas and popular tourist destinations nationwide. Army soldiers will work side-by-side with police forces to provide comprehensive security coverage. This joint effort aims to create a safe environment for both local and foreign tourists who choose to spend their Holy Week in these areas.

The government’s commitment to safety and peace

By combining the expertise and resources of the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police, the government seeks to reassure the public that every precaution is being taken to ensure their safety during this significant religious observance. The presence of army soldiers alongside police forces will serve as a deterrent to potential criminal activities and provide a sense of security for those participating in religious activities or simply enjoying their holiday break.

Joint efforts for peace and order

Moreover, this collaboration also highlights the government’s commitment to maintaining peace and order throughout the country. By actively working together, the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police demonstrate their dedication to protecting the welfare of the people and promoting a peaceful and secure environment for everyone.

Oplan Ligtas Sumvac

The collaborative efforts between the Philippine Army and the Police Forces have proven to be crucial in maintaining peace and order during important events and holidays such as the Holy Week. This joint operation, known as Oplan Ligtas Sumvac, involves the deployment of a significant number of police forces to places of convergence. To ensure the safety of both locals and tourists, approximately 34,000 police personnel will be stationed in various tourist destinations across the country. Among them, 7,000 dedicated tourist cops will be responsible for safeguarding the visitors and maintaining a secure environment in these popular spots.

Deployment and flexibility

According to Col. Jean Fajardo, the PNP spokesperson, the initial deployment for Oplan Sumvac was planned to consist of 43,000 PNP personnel. However, the number may be adjusted depending on the prevailing peace and order situation on the ground. This flexibility allows the authorities to allocate resources strategically and respond effectively to any emerging threats or security concerns.

High alert and comprehensive security measures

In parallel, the Philippine Army remains on high alert during the Holy Week period. In addition to army soldiers, other members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will be deployed to augment security measures. These personnel will be stationed at ports, churches, bus terminals, vital entry and exit points of road networks, and government installations. Their presence serves as a strong deterrent against any potential threats and ensures the safety of the public.

Collaborative approach and joint training exercises

Col. Dema-Ala, a representative of the Philippine Army, emphasized that it is not uncommon to witness soldiers working alongside police personnel in areas of convergence. This collaborative approach is part of the comprehensive security measures put in place to safeguard the public. By combining the expertise and resources of both the army and police forces, a stronger and more effective security apparatus is established, capable of addressing a wide range of security challenges.

Community involvement and emergency response

Another important aspect of ensuring a peaceful Holy Week is the active involvement of the community. The army and the PNP have been conducting information campaigns to educate the public about the importance of reporting any suspicious activities or individuals. They have encouraged citizens to be vigilant and to report anything out of the ordinary to the authorities. Moreover, the army has been working closely with local government units and other stakeholders to ensure that emergency response systems are in place.

Comprehensive and multi-faceted efforts

Overall, the efforts of the Philippine Army and the PNP in ensuring a peaceful Holy Week are comprehensive and multi-faceted. From increased security presence to intelligence gathering and community involvement, every aspect of security has been taken into consideration. Through these collective efforts, Filipinos and tourists can have peace of mind as they observe their religious traditions and enjoy their well-deserved break during this significant period.

Source: The Manila Times

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