The Resignation of President Marcos Jr. is Not a Solution to the West Philippine Sea Dispute

HOUSE Deputy Majority Leader and Iloilo 1st District Rep. Janette Garin
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Garin’s Call for Comprehensive Approach

Garin’s statement serves as a reminder that the issue in the West Philippine Sea cannot be solved by simply calling for the resignation of officials. While it is understandable that some may see the resignation of President Marcos Jr. as a potential solution to de-escalate tensions, Garin emphasizes that it is not the ultimate answer. The complexities of the issue require a comprehensive and long-term approach that involves diplomatic negotiations, international cooperation, and a steadfast commitment to protect the country’s territorial integrity.

The West Philippine Sea Issue

The West Philippine Sea issue has been a long-standing concern for the Philippines, with China’s expansive territorial claims causing tensions and disputes among neighboring countries. The Philippines has been asserting its rights and claims in the area based on the UNCLOS, which grants coastal states exclusive rights over the resources within their EEZs. In 2016, an arbitral tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines and invalidated China’s “nine-dash line” claim. However, China has refused to recognize the ruling and continues to assert its claims in the area.

Challenges in the West Philippine Sea

The recent incident where a Filipino supply vessel was water cannoned by Chinese vessels further highlights the ongoing challenges in the West Philippine Sea. It is a clear violation of the Philippines’ sovereign rights and a cause for concern. The Philippines has lodged protests and sought diplomatic resolutions to such incidents, while also seeking the support of its allies and engaging in regional dialogues to address the issue collectively.

Call for Concrete Steps and Commitment

Garin’s call to focus on concrete steps and the determination to safeguard the nation’s territory resonates with the sentiments of many Filipinos who are concerned about the West Philippine Sea issue. The passion and commitment of the country’s leadership, along with the support of its citizens, are crucial in addressing this ongoing challenge. It is not enough to simply call for resignations; what is needed is a comprehensive and long-term strategy to protect the country’s rights and claims in the West Philippine Sea.

Source: The Manila Times

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