Top Performing Mayors in Metro Manila

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The Top Performing Mayors in Metro Manila

In a recent survey conducted by the RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD), the mayors of Quezon, Malabon, and Parañaque emerged as the top performing local chief executives in Metro Manila. The survey, which was independent and noncommissioned, evaluated the job performance of mayors based on various metrics.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte: Leading the Way

Once again, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte received the highest job performance rating for a local chief executive in the National Capital Region, with an impressive 89.1 percent. This recognition is a testament to her leadership vision, policy implementation, financial management, public service quality, community engagement, and crisis management.

Malabon’s Jeannie Sandoval and Parañaque’s Eric Olivarez: Close Contenders

Following closely behind Mayor Belmonte, Malabon’s Jeannie Sandoval received a job performance rating of 88.7 percent, while Parañaque’s Eric Olivarez garnered 88.5 percent. Both mayors have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable development, environmental preservation, economic growth, ethical governance, and inclusivity.

Caloocan City’s Dale “Along” Malapitan and Navotas City’s John Rey Tiangco: Completing the Top Five

Rounding up the top five performers were Dale “Along” Malapitan of Caloocan City with 88.3 percent and John Rey Tiangco of Navotas City with 88.2 percent. These mayors have shown their effectiveness, accountability, and overall community impact through their initiatives and dedication to their constituents.

Dr. Paul Martinez, a global affairs analyst and the executive director of RPMD, explained that the survey encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of the mayors’ performance. It considered quantitative data and qualitative insights to assess their leadership, responsiveness, and impact on the community.

Martinez emphasized that the strong performance of the top-performing mayors in the first quarter of 2024 highlights their robust leadership and their ability to address the dynamic needs of their communities. He specifically mentioned Mayor Olivarez’s effective approach to programs and projects for his constituents, as well as his prompt response to various calamity situations in the city, despite a slight drop in his job performance rating from December 27, 2023, to January 5.

The Methodology Behind the Survey

The “Boses ng Bayan” survey was conducted from March 18 to 24 and involved polling 10,000 adults. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 1% at a 95 percent confidence level. It incorporated a range of factors to evaluate the mayors’ performance, including their leadership vision, policy implementation, financial management, public service quality, community engagement, crisis management, and efforts towards sustainable development and environmental preservation.

The survey’s findings provide valuable insights into the performance of local chief executives in Metro Manila and recognize the exemplary work of Mayor Belmonte, Mayor Sandoval, Mayor Olivarez, Mayor Malapitan, and Mayor Tiangco. These mayors have demonstrated their dedication to their communities and their commitment to driving positive change.

Source: The Manila Times

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