Urgent Action Needed Against Chinese Passport Syndicate

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Surigao del Norte 2nd District Rep. Robert Ace Barbers has called upon authorities to take immediate action against a concerning scheme involving Chinese nationals acquiring legitimate Philippine passports through illegal means. This revelation came to light during a hearing conducted by the House Committee on Public Order, which was focused on the importation of 530 kilograms of methamphetamine allegedly involving a Chinese individual named Willy Ong.

The authorities have disclosed that Ong possesses a Philippine passport, a Unified Multi-Purpose Identity Card, and a driver’s license issued by the Land Transportation Office, all of which were obtained illegally. This was made possible because Ong was able to secure a Filipino birth certificate, falsely indicating his Filipino citizenship.

According to Barbers, Ong’s accomplices, presumably part of the Chinese mafia working for him, managed to acquire a Filipino birth certificate through a process called “late registration” with certain Local Government Units (LGUs). Armed with this forged Filipino birth certificate, Ong successfully obtained a Philippine passport and other government-issued identification documents.

It is worth noting that Ong’s real estate company, Empire 999, is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This company, in collaboration with his Chinese partners, has been involved in significant land acquisitions in Mexico, Pampanga. They have successfully built a gas station and four warehouses in the area.

Ong’s involvement in the illegal drug trade came to light when the National Bureau of Investigation conducted an entrapment operation in one of his warehouses located in San Jose Malino, Mexico, Pampanga.

Barbers strongly asserts that Ong’s actions have made a mockery of the Philippine legal system. Furthermore, he has received reports indicating the involvement of other Chinese nationals in similar illegal operations.

“Aside from persistently asserting their claims over the West Philippine Sea, these unscrupulous Chinese nationals are now resorting to forging documents in order to acquire legitimate government-issued identification. It is disheartening to witness the multitude of fraudulent activities being carried out by these Chinese nationals within our country,” Barbers expressed his concern.

The discovery of this scheme raises serious concerns about the integrity of the Philippine passport system and the potential security risks it poses. It is imperative that the authorities take swift and decisive action to address this issue and prevent any further abuse of the system.

In conclusion, Rep. Robert Ace Barbers has called upon the relevant authorities to take immediate action against the illegal acquisition of Philippine passports by Chinese nationals. This scheme not only undermines the integrity of the Philippine legal system but also poses potential security risks. It is crucial that steps are taken to address this issue and prevent any further fraudulent activities. The protection of the country’s borders and the security of its citizens should always be a top priority.

Source: The Manila Times

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