Kuwait Implements 43-Article Regulation for Government Contract Kuwaitization, Aims to Boost National Employment

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Kuwaitization of Government Contracts

Regulation Enforcement

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has declared the enforcement of the Kuwaitization regulation for government contracts. This regulation, comprising 43 Articles, is designed to motivate the youth to seek employment in the private sector.

Objectives and Benefits

The regulation strengthens job security for employees on government contracts and opens up more career paths for national professionals to acquire hands-on experience and hone technical skills. It is anticipated to foster continuity, advancement, and a smooth transition across these contracts.

Mechanisms for Increasing National Employment

Regulation serves as a mechanism within a project aimed at increasing the percentage of national employment in non-governmental organizations. The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) held four initial meetings to elucidate the regulation and discuss cooperation aspects with Kuwaitization units, thereby clarifying its content, goals, and implementation process.

Implementation and Oversight

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has appointed several members to the Kuwaitization committees across different government agencies, ensuring the effective enforcement of the policy. These committees are tasked with determining and structuring the essential roles and duties within each agency, in line with the regulatory requirements.

Expected Outcomes

The enactment of these regulations aims to reduce opportunities for unskilled and unqualified workers in the labor market, while also decreasing violations. The initial measures are vital for the successful application of these regulations, which are intended to be broadened to encompass contracts across different entities, thereby enhancing the ratio of national workers.

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