New Requirement for Chinese Tourists: Social Insurance Certificate Needed for Visa Application

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Department of Foreign Affairs Implements New Visa Requirement for Chinese Tourists

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Manila, Philippines has recently announced a new visa requirement for Chinese tourists. In order to ensure the legitimacy of visa applications and prevent the entry of undesirable aliens, Chinese tourists will now be required to submit their social insurance certificate for verification.

This measure has been implemented as part of the government’s efforts to address the issue of overstaying aliens, particularly Chinese workers whose work visas as Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) have expired. According to DFA Undersecretary for Consular Affairs Jesus Domingo, the number of overstaying aliens, mostly Chinese, has reached significant levels, although exact figures have not been disclosed due to ongoing security matters.

Domingo emphasized that the submission of a social insurance certificate serves as a means to verify the identity of Chinese tourists and is a relatively simple process. The DFA aims to adopt best practices from other foreign embassies in China, such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom, all of which require similar documentation for visa applications.

Addressing Security Concerns and Fraudulent Activities

The implementation of this new visa requirement is a response to the discovery of fraudulently obtained passports and visas, which have led to the illicit entry and overstaying of foreign nationals in the Philippines. These incidents have contributed to peace and order issues as well as concerns related to criminal activities.

By adopting stricter security measures, the DFA aims to address these challenges and ensure the integrity of the visa application process. Domingo stated that the department is actively working with other government agencies and stakeholders to strengthen existing systems and close any gaps that may exist.

Striking a Balance between National Security and Tourism

While the DFA recognizes the need to boost tourism and attract investment from countries like China and India, it also acknowledges the importance of maintaining national security. Domingo emphasized that the department will continue to require proof of financial capacity through bank statements, but will also exercise vigilance in scrutinizing these documents.

The government’s objective is to strike a balance between promoting tourism and investment while ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens. By implementing measures such as the submission of social insurance certificates, the DFA aims to strengthen its visa application process and prevent the entry of individuals with fraudulent intentions.

It is important to note that the new visa requirement specifically targets Chinese tourists and is not intended to discriminate against any particular nationality. The DFA’s goal is to establish a more robust and secure visa application process that can be applied universally to all foreign visitors.

As the DFA continues to address these challenges and improve its systems, it is expected that the new visa requirement for Chinese tourists will contribute to the overall security and integrity of the Philippines’ immigration processes.

Source: The Manila Times

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