Intensified Surveillance on ‘Red’ Groups: NICA

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The National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) Intensifies Surveillance on Leftist Groups Recruiting Youths Online

The National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) announced on Thursday that it has ramped up its surveillance efforts on leftist groups that are recruiting young individuals through online platforms. This initiative is in compliance with Executive Order 54, which was issued on January 19 and led to the establishment of the Directorate for Cyber Security and Emerging Threats within NICA. The reorganization of NICA was necessary to adapt to the evolving threats to national security.

According to Abelardo Villacorta, the Deputy Director General for Special Concerns at NICA, the agency has now become the fusion center for cybersecurity information. They have been actively monitoring social media platforms and have identified numerous individuals who have been posting content against the government. Additionally, they are closely monitoring the recruitment activities of these leftist groups.

Villacorta emphasized that while he couldn’t disclose specific details, NICA is taking proactive measures to prevent the recruitment of young individuals into communist terrorist groups. They are working to identify the targets and subjects of these recruitment efforts. Moreover, they are engaging with these individuals personally to provide them with accurate information about the lies and deception propagated by the Communist Party of the Philippines. As a result of these efforts, there has been a decrease in the number of students participating in street protests.

One alarming incident highlighted by Villacorta is the recent circulation of deepfake videos that mimic President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. NICA is collaborating with the Department of Information Communications and Technology (DICT), cybersecurity agencies, the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to address this issue. They have had meetings with these agencies to establish a joint effort in identifying social media bloggers, hackers, and those responsible for creating the fake voice of the president. NICA is also receiving assistance from foreign intelligence agencies to track down the perpetrators.

Executive Order 54: Strengthening National Security in the Digital Age

Executive Order 54, issued on January 19, serves as the foundation for the reorganization of NICA and the establishment of the Directorate for Cyber Security and Emerging Threats. This order acknowledges the evolving landscape of national security threats in the digital age and aims to enhance the government’s capabilities in addressing these challenges.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the internet has become a powerful tool for various activities, including recruitment efforts by extremist groups. Leftist organizations have increasingly turned to online platforms to target and influence young individuals. Recognizing this trend, Executive Order 54 empowers NICA to intensify its surveillance and monitoring activities to prevent the recruitment of youths into these groups.

The fusion center for cybersecurity information, now housed within NICA, plays a crucial role in gathering and analyzing data related to online threats. By closely monitoring social media platforms and identifying individuals posting content against the government, NICA can proactively address potential security risks. This approach not only helps in preventing the recruitment of young individuals but also aids in countering the spread of false information and propaganda.

Collaboration and International Support in Ensuring National Security

NICA understands the importance of collaboration in effectively addressing the challenges posed by online recruitment and emerging threats. To this end, they have been working closely with various government agencies, including the DICT, cybersecurity agencies, the PNP, and the AFP. Through joint efforts and information sharing, these agencies aim to identify and apprehend individuals involved in activities that undermine national security.

International cooperation is also a vital component of NICA’s strategy. Recognizing that online threats transcend national borders, NICA has sought assistance from foreign intelligence agencies. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these agencies, NICA can enhance its capabilities in tracking down perpetrators and preventing potential security breaches.

It is important to note that NICA’s surveillance activities are conducted in accordance with local laws and regulations. Privacy rights and civil liberties are respected and upheld throughout the process. The focus is solely on identifying and preventing threats to national security, particularly the recruitment of young individuals into extremist groups.

Empowering the Youth with Accurate Information

One of the key strategies employed by NICA is engaging with young individuals who may be susceptible to recruitment by leftist groups. By personally interacting with these individuals, NICA aims to provide them with accurate information about the deceptive tactics employed by the Communist Party of the Philippines. This approach seeks to empower the youth with knowledge and critical thinking skills, enabling them to make informed decisions and resist the influence of extremist ideologies.

NICA’s efforts in countering online recruitment extend beyond surveillance and monitoring. They are actively involved in educational initiatives, partnering with schools and universities to raise awareness about the dangers of extremist ideologies. By fostering an environment that encourages dialogue and critical thinking, NICA aims to create a resilient society that is immune to the allure of radicalization.

In conclusion, NICA’s intensified surveillance on leftist groups recruiting youths online is a necessary response to the evolving threats to national security. Through Executive Order 54, the agency has been empowered to adapt to the digital age and address emerging challenges effectively. Collaboration with local and international partners, respect for privacy rights, and empowering the youth with accurate information are key pillars of NICA’s strategy. By staying vigilant and proactive, NICA aims to safeguard the nation from extremist ideologies and ensure a secure future for all.

Source: The Manila Times

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