Marcos Urges Sto. Niño Devotees to Spread Love and Joy

Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco and local officials of Cebu City attended the 2024 Sinulog Grand Parade Opening Ceremonies. PHOTO BY MOISES CRUZ
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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. delivered a heartfelt message to the devotees of Sto. Niño, urging them to go beyond their faith and take action to spread hope, love, and joy to others during the Sinulog Festival. This annual celebration, known as one of the grandest and most colorful festivities in the Philippines, is held every January to honor the Holy Child, Señor Sto. Niño.

In his address, President Marcos emphasized the importance of translating faith into tangible acts of kindness and compassion. He called for collective unity among the people in order to achieve socio-economic growth and further develop Cebu’s thriving industry. The President’s words resonated with the millions of devotees who gathered to celebrate the festival.

“To the millions of devotees, I urge you to translate your faith into action so that you may spread the message of hope, love, and joy to others,” Marcos said. He highlighted the significance of not only praying for spiritual strength and fortitude but also actively working towards overcoming challenges and difficulties that may lie ahead.

President Marcos also expressed his hope for the devotees to collaborate with his administration in maximizing the opportunities that the New Year brings. He encouraged them to join hands with the government in creating a better future for all Filipinos.

Furthermore, the President reminded the devotees to be guided by their faith and inspired by the bayanihan spirit, a Filipino term referring to the communal unity and cooperation, to fulfill their Catholic and social obligations. He emphasized the importance of reaching a shared destiny towards a “Bagong Pilipinas,” a new Philippines that offers a better and more abundant life for all.

The Sinulog Festival, with its vibrant colors and lively performances, serves as a visual representation of the deep devotion and faith of the Filipino people. It is a time for devotees to come together, not only to celebrate their religious beliefs but also to showcase their cultural heritage to the world.

As an international audience, it is important to understand the cultural significance of the Sinulog Festival. The devotion to Sto. Niño reflects the strong Catholic influence in the Philippines, and the festival itself is a manifestation of the Filipino people’s unwavering faith and resilience.

The Sinulog Festival is not just a religious event; it is a celebration of unity, community, and the Filipino spirit. It is a time for people from all walks of life to come together, regardless of their social status or background, and revel in the joyous atmosphere that permeates the festival.

In conclusion, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s message to the devotees of Sto. Niño during the Sinulog Festival serves as a reminder to translate faith into action and spread hope, love, and joy to others. The festival itself is a testament to the Filipino people’s deep-rooted faith and their commitment to their Catholic and social obligations. As we witness the grandeur of the Sinulog Festival, let us appreciate the cultural significance it holds and join in celebrating the unity and resilience of the Filipino people.

Source: The Manila Times

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