Two Lawmakers to Represent PH at UN Women’s Session

Rep. Maria Rene Ann Lourdes Matibag
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TWO Filipina Lawmakers to Represent the Philippines at the United Nations

Two female lawmakers from the Philippines have been chosen to represent their country at the upcoming United Nations session on the Commission on the Status of Women. From March 14-22, Laguna 1st District Rep. Maria Rene Ann Lourdes Matibag and Bataan 1st District Rep. Geraldine Roman will participate in the conference at the UN Headquarters in New York.

A Proud Representation of Filipino Women

Expressing their honor and gratitude, both Matibag and Roman are proud to represent the Philippines on the international stage. Matibag highlights the qualities of Filipino women, stating that they possess the guts, courage, willpower, and leadership skills to bring about positive change. She emphasizes that women in the country are respected, equal, and honored, and their representation at the UN conference is a testament to this.

Support for Women and Gender Equality in San Pedro City

Matibag specifically mentions her district, San Pedro City, as a supportive community for women and gender equality. This indicates that the local laws and customs in San Pedro City promote inclusivity and empowerment for women. It is commendable to see a lawmaker actively working towards creating a gender-equal society within her constituency.

Matibag and Roman, both members of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender, have been selected as delegates to the bilateral meeting with Members of the European Parliament during the summit. This demonstrates their expertise and commitment to advocating for women’s rights not only within the Philippines but also on an international platform.

Recognition for Matibag’s Work and Achievements

Matibag’s participation in the UN conference is further highlighted by her recent accomplishments. She ranked third in the RP Mission and Development Foundation’s “Boses ng Bayan” annual report, which evaluates lawmakers’ job performance in the Calabarzon region. With an impressive 88.8 percent rating, Matibag’s dedication and effectiveness as a public servant are recognized by her constituents.

Matibag’s contributions to San Pedro City are multifaceted, ranging from scholarship programs to livelihood projects, infrastructure development, and medical missions. Her efforts have made a positive impact on the lives of the people she serves, further solidifying her reputation as a committed public servant.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Matibag expresses her gratitude towards her fellow public servants, including elected and appointed Cabinet officials, who actively serve the country. Their dedication motivates her to fulfill her role as a public servant and make a difference in the lives of Filipinos. She acknowledges the achievements of Filipino women not only in leadership but also in various fields such as fashion, music, arts, entertainment, and sports. Their successes bring pride and glory to the nation as a whole.

In conclusion, the selection of Maria Rene Ann Lourdes Matibag and Geraldine Roman to represent the Philippines at the United Nations conference is a significant achievement for both lawmakers and the Filipino women they represent. Their presence at the conference highlights the progress made in promoting women’s rights and gender equality within the country. Matibag’s recognition for her work and dedication further reinforces her commitment to serving her constituents. As a proud representative of the Philippines, Matibag acknowledges the achievements of Filipino women in various fields, emphasizing their contributions to the nation’s pride and glory.

Source: The Manila Times

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